A complete Ansible handbook filled with real life IT automation use cases

About this book

Ansible is a free and open source automation tool to automate and manage the IT infrastructure. With the growing community base and contributions from vendors, Ansible can be used for almost all automation use cases. Ansible for Real Life Automation will teach you how to set up Ansible and remote managed nodes in the production and dev/staging environment and how to handle the management.

You will begin by installing and deploying Ansible in your work environment. You will learn automation using simple use cases in your workplace such as collecting system information, weekly reboot, security scanning and so on. Not only Linux machines, you will also learn how to use Ansible to automate Microsoft Windows machines and network devices. You will explore and learn how to begin with the automation use cases for private and public cloud platforms such as VMWare, AWS, GCP and create automation playbooks to manage the cloud infrastructure. Since Ansible is the best fit for most of the DevOps workflow stages, you will also learn how to integrate Ansible within your DevOps workflow.

To implement efficient automation solutions, you will also learn the best practices, methods and possible ways to automate non-supported platforms and operations. By the end of this book, you will be proficient in finding and developing real life automation use cases using Ansible.

About the author

Gineesh Madapparambath

Gineesh has over 15+ years of experience in IT Service Management and consultancy with experience in planning, deploying and supporting Linux based projects.

He has designed, developed and deployed Automation solutions based on Ansible and Ansible Automation Platform (Formerly Ansible Tower), for bare metal/Virtual server build, patching, license management, Network Operations and custom monitoring. Gineesh has coordinated, designed and deployed servers in data centers globally and has cross-cultural experience in classic, private cloud (OpenStack, VMWare)virtual and public cloud environments (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). Gineesh has handled multiple roles such as Systems Engineer, Automation Specialist, Infrastructure Designer and content author.

His primary focus is on IT and application automation using Ansible, containerization using OpenShift and Kubernetes and Infrastructure automation using Terraform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a PDF or soft copy available?
A. Yes, the book is available in paperback (Hard copy or print) and eBook (PDF, Mobi, Kindly) formats.

Q. Can I get my book delivered to India?
A. Yes, it also depends on from which site you are ordering. Eg: if you are ordering from Amazon, then follow the Amazon delivery availability.

Q. Can I learn everything about Ansible by reading this book?
A. No, the book is intended for covering the use cases which you can implement with Ansible automation. The book will help you to start learning Ansible, understand how to find the use cases and how to start with real-life automation in your IT environment.

Q. How to access the ebook once I bought it on Packt?
A. Login to https://subscription.packtpub.com. Click on “My Library” (Right top) and select “Owned”. You will find the eBooks you bought.